I am a deeply spiritual woman with a passion for unraveling the mysteries of the mind. I am very optimistic and always choose to see the brighter perspectives presented within our life stories. As far as I'm concerned a glass is never half empty but always half full! I love to inspire and to be inspired and my goal and passion is to provide the sacred space where you can explore your own subconscious mind.

I've read every book on past lives and their therapeutic benefits that I could find but was always drawn to the research of Dolores Cannon. Her books speak of the many facets of human potential. She truly sparked my interest in the multi-dimensional potential for us humans, and the multiplicity of our lives. Through this work, I too am finding and confirming that this universe we live in is definitely convoluted with much more than meets the eye. We are experiencing a global awakening that involves each of us making some adjustments to allow us to have a better experience of life and relationships, especially the one with yourself.

Having been an avid reader of Dolores's books and attending a talk she gave here in the UK in the mid-90s, I was led through a series of strange coincidences in 2008 to attend her Quantum Healing training course in the UK. To my further surprise, I was fortunate enough to be picked for the class demonstration. Through her guidance, I experienced direct communication with my subconscious mind which brought me immediate healing and give me a very deep understanding of myself. I will always be very grateful to Dolores for that most amazing transformational session. My session story has been included in her book, Convoluted 4.

I've been a shamanic Practitioner and Hypnotherapist for several decades and have incorporated both skills to help my clients experience their own shamanic journey to heal many areas of their lives or to experience soul retrievals to reintegrate fragments or life skills earned from other lifetimes. It's even more than that as it is possible to communicate with past life aspects of the soul and resolve unfinished business that occurred in some distant times. You can gain the wisdom learned in other lifetimes of the soul by communicating with other soul aspects. There is a wealth of information that I have gathered together through my many years of working with the subconscious mind of many clients that I will be sharing with you in my courses.

Lorna Wilson with Dolores Cannon